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Oi, Look What I Made

10/10/2020 - 11/11/2020

Oi, Look What I Made

Marking the Martyrs, 2018

04/06/2018 - 30/06/2018

Marking the Martyrs, 2018

Coinciding with major celebrations and events nationwide, on the 4th June 2018, Blott Studio will be hosting an exhibition entitled Marking the Martyrs, marking the death of Emily Wilding Davison, the first martyr to the suffrage cause.

'Sugar and Spite' Punk Exhibition

4th August - 7th August 2016

'Sugar and Spite' Punk Exhibition

Blott Studio will be hosting ‘Sugar and Spite’, featuring new works by regional and national artists - a Punk themed exhibition - alongside the celebration of this year’s REBELLION Festival and the 40 year anniversary (Punk 76’).

'A Still Small Voice' Solo Exhibition by Neo-Art prize winner Tina Warren M.A

2nd May - June 2016

Blott Gallery is delighted to announce the opening, on Monday, 2 May 2016, of its latest exhibition, which presents the work of Blackpool-born artist and Neo’s Great Art 2015 prize winner, Tina Warren.

'Be the Banana Skin (On the Patriarchy's Complacent Stroll)' Guest Artists Sarah Maple & Jo Harrison

8th March - 31st March

Be the Banana Skin on the Patriarchy's Complacent Stroll

For International Women’s day on the 8th March 2016, Blott Studios staged a feminist exhibition featuring new work by regional and national self-identified feminist artists and international guest artist Sarah Maple. We hope the exhibition will inspire local residents and visitors to think about and engage with feminist issues and ideas. The theme for the exhibition was continued gender inequality and our collective aim was to encourage discussion, explore issues around the representation of women, the art world, and wider society, and to bring together some of Blackpool and the regions best emerging and established female contemporary artists, further challenging the male dominated artistic canon.

Guest artist Mike Grattan Solo Exhibition

24th September 2015

'Re-affirming a life-long affinity and love of pop-art, Mike Grattan has worked on various series related to media celebrities. His finely executed images of iconic people in the media, from film stars, musicians and celebrities are a mass of detail, beautifully and carefully delineated in acrylic paint on canvas.'

Suzanne Pinder | Solo Exhibition | Pop-up shop

10th August - 7th September 2015

Blott Artist Studios features the multiple series of works by talented local artist, Suzanne Pinder, in our town centre gallery. The included work/series are entitled 'Rock Novelties', 'Portraits', 'Clematis' and 'A Night Out At The Comrades'.

Solo Exhibition by Paul B. Jacob

18th June 2015

Solo Exhibition by Paul. B Jacob

There is yet another vibrant new window display at Blott Artists Studio on King Street, Blackpool. Alongside the the scaffolding that continues to blight the area, these stunning paintings by Paul B. Jacob are like a breath of fresh air. The collection is entitled, with a simplicity that belies the complexity of each piece , “Recent Paintings.”

'Head to Toe' Solo Exhibition by Myra Boyle

1st November - 14th December 2014

'Head to Toe' by Myra Boyle

Myra Boyle's work concerns a subject of much gravity and weight; the subject of female perspectives. This is carried through via a series of photographs that reference the expectations of female fashion, uniforms and the body mapping of an abused girl.

Blott Studio's 2014 Annual Summer Exhibition

2nd June - 30th August 2014

The Blott 2014 Annual Summer Exhibition

An exciting range of new and original works by the group’s current artist members David Butterworth, Laura Havenhand, Jill Reidy, Corrine Streetly and Mark Peatfield. Also showing will be selected works by Newcastle based guest artist Keith Murdoch.

Blott Member Jill Reidy Solo Exhibition Havana photography series

14th April - 11th June 2013

'Hanging Out the Washing' limited edition print, framed 800 x 600 mm

Jill Reidy originally trained as a graphic designer in the late 60s/early 70s.  After fifteen years in the teaching profession, she took early retirement in order to pursue her passion, photography. After visiting Havana, Cuba, last year, she returned with 1500 photos to process, realizing that her passion had become an obsession.  

Guest artist Mike Grattan Solo Exhibition

2nd April - 2nd May 2013

'Steve McQueen', acrylic on canvas, 101.5 x 76cm, Mike Grattan

During April, artist Mike Grattan will be exhibiting a series of paintings at the blott Gallery.

'Coastal Muse' Solo Exhibition by Sue Godsiff

9th of June - 22nd June 2012

Solo Exhibition by Sue Godsiff

Coastal Muse, Paul Cézanne said, “Painting from nature is not copying the object: it is realizing one’s sensations.” This series of paintings were inspired by many hours absorbing the sensations of the air, wind and nature on coastal walks.

'Domestically Challenged' Solo exhibition by Laura Havenhand

27th April to 12th of May 2012

Domestically Challenged, Solo exhibition by Laura Havenhand

After graduating, I'm much more aware of the social construction and stereotyping of women within Western society. We are sold a concept of womanhood/ femininity now, more than ever before, inculcated through the all-powerful media. In this body of work I’ve interpreted media advertising methodology and used mock media advertising semiotic language in a subversive way. I wanted to expand on this sort of sexist iconography in a jokey, tongue in cheek sort of way. The theme of my current series of paintings could be considered a personal narrative, telling the story of how I have been made to feel, as a women and as a female artist, as well as in the broader context of how women are pressured to 'correct' themselves, leading to narcissism in contemporary society. (note 1) With women self- policing and judging themselves by their own body, as if their body is reflective of their worth. My early feminist stirrings occurred whilst on my degree course working with refused asylum seekers, I felt a particularly strong compassion for the women I encountered, who appeared to me to be so very vulnerable and unprotected. It opened my eyes to how western society purports to be ‘equal’ and ‘democratic’ when it is clearly not.

'Meditations' Solo Exhibition by Jeannine Holloway

9th - 21st April 2012

'Meditations' Solo Exhibition by Jeannine Holloway

Jeannine Holloway’s solo exhibition ‘Meditations’ commences at blott gallery from the 9th April until the 21st April 2012, open daily from 10.30am until 3.30pm.

'Blottled Art' Blott's annual group exhibition

7th November - 30th November 2011

Blottled Art, Blott's annual group exhibition

'Blottled Art Exhibition'. A combination of medias, painting, photography, video & sculpture. The Blottled Art exhibition features new works from current artists at the blott studio & artist collective and also features the work of guest artist Ronnie Lee, a Leeds based sculptor. Do come along, it's open from Monday 7th until Saturday the 26th November at Blott Studio,53 King Street, Blackpool, next door to the side entrance of the Syndicate Club.

Gavin Edmonds & Corrine Streetly

5th September - 24th September 2011

Gavin Edmonds & Corrine Streetly

Blott Studio is pleased to announce a joint exhibition featurng the work of Kent based artist Gavin Edmonds and Blackpool based artist Corrine Streetly.

Blott's 20TEN Exhibition

4th October - 23rd October 2010

Blott's 20TEN Exhibition

Blott Artist Studios annual members Exhibition 2010 commemorates a decade of contemporary fine art produced by regional professional artists.

The Boathouse Project exhibition

Monday 25th January - Saturday 30th January 2010

The Boathouse Project exhibition

A year in the life of a grand old lady

18th - 30th September 2009

A year in the life of a grand old lady

Douglas Stuart presents a behind the scenes insight into the surroundings and working life of 'The Grand Theatre'.

Blott @ FYC

18th - 29th August 2009

Blott Artist Studio members are pleased to announce their first external exhibition for 2009...'Blott @ FYC'. The show will run from Tuesday 1st until Saturday 26th September at FYCCreatives Caunce Street Blackpool.

2009 Summer art exhibition

27th July - 15 August 2009

Paintings from this year's guest artist Nazmin Abdullah will be exhibited alongside new works by Blott's current members.

'A Different Perspective' Solo exhibition by Simon Plum

1st - 20th June 2009

Flyer front

In my recent paintings animals and people frequently appear within a landscape within a landscape. The landscapes are usually based upon places I have particular knowledge or intimacy with, I had hoped with the introduction of the figures to create a sense of movement, of energy, of life, the world in motion. I also wanted to suggest other sensory experience, besides sight, through the actions of the figures: smell, sound, touch and taste.

Joint Exhibition by Neil Hodgson & Paul Mason

Monday 7th to Saturday 28th March

Show Flyer Front

The exhibition features a combination of works by Neil Hodgson and Paul Mason. - Neil Hodgson was born in 1938 in London and studied at Blackpool College, Manchester Regional College of Art and Lancaster University. He taught for many years at Blackpool and The Fylde College specializing in Fine Art studies, drawing and painting. - Paul Mason was educated at Manchester Polytechnic where he specialised in Ceramics. Following the completion of the first year he was given the opportunity to study in the United States where he spent most of the second year at New York state College of Ceramics at Alfred university. He later studied for an MA degree in Ceramics at Cardiff College of Art and Design.

Once upon a time in Revoe

14th November - 6th December

Once upon a time in Revoe

An exhibition depicting faces and landscapes (old and new), of the area known locally as 'Revoe', in Blackpool.


19nd September - 11th October 2008


Blott Artist Studios is pleased to announce its latest exhibition Blottscape.

'Objects & Places' Solo Exhibition by Keith Murdoch

07 April 2008 - 30 April 2008

Keith Murdoch

A solo exhibition by Keith Murdock, MA. BA (Hons) MAFA. A two week solo exhibition of Yorkshire based artist, Keith Murdoch.

Collective Effervescence

31st March - 10 April 2008

Original songsheet II from the 1924 Carnival, The gallery exhibition

Group ‘multi media’ art exhibition relating to Blackpool’s 1923 and 1924 carnivals in conjunction with The Blackpool Vistas Project ‘Art Bowdiness and the Carnivalesque’.

'Hyperdoche' Solo Exhibition by Ann Carragher

31st July 2007

Ann Carrgher, 'Hyperdoche' Series

'Hyperdoche'. by Ann Carragher, in conjunction with Blackpools 'Festival of Light'.

Blott and Beyond

30th July - 11th August 2007

blott and beyond

Blott & Beyond. Fifth Group exhibition with guest artist Boz Phillips.

'Exposed II' Solo exhibition by Martin Leigh

25th November 2006

Martin Leigh exposed solo

Exhibition 'Exposed II' by Martin Leigh, affiliated member.

Welcome to Blottpool, Blott IV

6th - 17th November 2006

'Blott's fourth annual group exhibition 'Welcome to Blottpool'.

Sea views II

August 2006

Sea views 2

Video and short film screenings.

Blott III

28th November - 10th December 2005

Blott Artist Exhibition 3

Blott 3, blott's third major exhibition was the first exhibition the collective staged at the new premises based at 53, King Street. The exhibition was officially opened by Councillor Valerie Haynes, Deputy Mayor of Blackpool 2005-2006 and her consort Mr Alan Haynes. Artist members included Douglas Stuart, Sean Hanford, Corrine Streetly, Christine Riches, David Butterworth and Ann Carragher.

Sea views

31st May 2005

Sea views

Video and Short film screenings 'Sea Views l & ll. ' June 2005 and August 2006 respectively. Installations of work showing a selection of short films and videos made by artists and independent film makers from around the UK and Europe.

Blott II & The Comrades Club

January - March 2004

Blott Artist Studio II Comrades Exhibition

Blott ll and the Comrades. The third exhibition by the Blackpool based group of contemporary artists teams their work with selections from the Grundy Gallery collection made by members of the town's Comrades of The Great War Club.

Open Exhibition, The Comrades Club, 1st Floor, Adelaide Street.

2nd - 16th October 2003

Open Exhibition, The Comrades Club, 1st Floor, Adelaide Street.

Blott’s ‘Open Studios’ exhibition was staged at the group's second studio premises, above the Comrades Club on the first floor. The exhibition ran for a period of two weeks and featured work by all members.

The Gallery at The Globe

5th September 2002

The Gallery at The Globe

This exhibition was the first collaborative public exhibition undertaken by the newly formed blott artist collective, which included artists Christine Riches, Corrine Streetly, Ann Carragher, Nick Kowalsky, Sheryl Hudders & Vivian Parr Burnham. The exhibition Blott l launched the then newly opened Globe Gallery, based at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach.

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